Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Blog to Share

A friend of mine from way back when has developed a writing and speaking ministry about how a church can best include kids with special needs in their children's ministries. She recently started a blog about the subject as well. I had the privilege of writing a post for her. I hope you'll check it out!


amyfentonlee said...

Christine - You are a great writer and I love what you are doing with your talents. Bless you! And thanks for blessing me and The Inclusive Church Blog! - Amy

Dana Fleming said...

Christine--Your 2 posts on The Inclusive Church were so well written and gave such practical steps for other parents to know how to help their children. I so appreciate your openness in sharing all you've learned in your journey with Will. You are an awesome mother, wife, and daughter.

Kristie said...

Just had a chance to browse this website- LOVE it! What a helpful resource- thanks for passing it along!