Thursday, February 1, 2007


Will just got home from his first playdate and it was an overwhelming success! I have to admit that Kyle and I were both pretty nervous about it. Breanne's mom called us last week on the machine and casually said, "oh, I'll just pick him up from school and bring him home with us for lunch and playtime" and I kinda panicked. Kyle and I talked everything over: what should we tell her about Will? what happens if he freaks out getting into the car of a stranger (as any child probably would)? can he do this? can we do this? I called the mom back and explained the situation and that Will would most likely do OK, but to please call us if he flipped out. And a huge God-thing: I worried that Breanne's mom would be nervous or scared to deal with Will once I told her about him. And, wouldn't you know, she said, "Well that's crazy. My older son (who is 4) has Asberger's (a form of autism). Maybe that's why Breanne has taken such a liking to Will." I was giddy with joy after that phone call.

So we started prepping him for the big event. And we told the teachers and we worked out a plan with Breanne's mom. And it all went off without a hitch! She said Will was a little timid about getting in the car (which is a good thing, I think), but he was great. They ate lunch, they jumped on a trampoline, and they played trains. Yeah for a great day for Will! And I'm praising God for encouraging us through this playdate.

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