Thursday, January 25, 2007

Will has a Girlfriend

You read it right! We had a milestone today in the life of our son....he got asked over to play with a friend from school, a girl named Breanne. Will constantly talks about her when you ask him about preschool and today Breanne's mom stopped me on the way out and said that Breanne keeps asking when Will can come over and play. So we made a date! And when I got in the car to tell Will we would be playing at Breanne's house, he looked intently at me and then broke out in a smile! Kyle and I were so happy for him that he is growing in the area of making friends.

Maybe it had something to do with his A&M hat. He's been wanting to wear it constantly and he only wants to wear it backward. He wore it to school today, to play at the mall, and around the house. Check him out:

Today, Will and I were talking during his snack about how many fingers, cheeks, ears, etc. he had and he was counting them. I asked him how many noses he had and he proceeded to stick his finger all the way up each nostril and exclaim, "Two!"

Also, Reese has been walking today!! He just decided, like his crawling, that today was the day.

It's been a big day in the Hoover household.

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