Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fun Days

We've had a variety of things going on in the Hoover household that I thought I would update you on. Here are the goings on:

1) A few weeks ago, we attended the A&M vs. Grambling State basketball game. A&M won 101-27 so it was a close one and we were on the edge of our seats the entire time. Actually, they didn't score until we had around 28 points and everyone stood up and cheered. The kids enjoyed it, but their favorite part was probably the golfish crackers Mom brought.

2) I would entitle this picture "Will work for stickers". We have discovered a great way to help Will learn some basic things. He loves stickers! You would think he wouldn't enjoy taking a sticker and sticking it on a chart, but he'll do anything for a sticker. So next time you cover your mouth when you sneeze or say hi to friends at the park, hop on over and I'll give you a sticker for it.

3) Our dear friends, Josh and Jenny Cobbs, came to visit and brought their 1 year old son, Cooper, along to play. Reese and Cooper are about 6 weeks apart and they enjoy many of the same toys, which posed a problem on the visit. Reese LOVES his walker and spends most of his day on it so when Cooper decided to jump on for a ride, Reese wasn't so sure of that. But they ended up agreeing to share it and walked around the house together (and got a bath together).

4) The Aggies are
back in town and we're heading into a new semester! So of course, for us that means a leadership retreat. We do
one big leadership retreat with all of Upstream, Logos, Ministry Team, and Evangelism Team and it's so much fun! The only thing I took pictures of was our Thrift Store formal/awards night. So check out how snazzy we look:

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